Craigslist Postings that Work – Sell More Products – Making Your Ads Standout From the Crowd

It can be a hassle for many marketers to post Craigslist ads. Marketers tend to take shortcuts in order to get to the market quickly with a product. However, consumers shop primarily with their eyes. Remember, first impressions matter and you seldom get another chance. Craigslist is saturated with competition, so it is crucial to make a difference. Come and visit our website search it on Craigslist Ad Posting Service you can learn more.

We have some guidelines for you to help your prospect select your product or services:

1.) 1.)

Ad copy must make an impression. You have only a few seconds. Copy doesn’t always have to be funny or smart. You should always include a problem statement with any ad copy.

You could use statements like:

How to naturally cure arthritis
Stop Migraine Headaches
-Make More Online Money

2.) Place Multiple Ads

You can take advantage of Craigslist’s advertising freebies by posting multiple ads. You should make sure that each ad is unique so that they don’t get flagged as duplicates. Post each day of a week if possible to ensure that your ads are as large as possible.

3.) Use Images in Your Ads

Use relevant images to enhance the professionalism of your ads. Images make your ads more professional and can help set you apart from other marketers. Craigslist is full of marketers who don’t use images, but they miss the power of clickable photos that redirect to their sites.

4.) Keep your ads simple

Craigslist advertising must be succinct and to-the-point. Many people won’t take the time to read every word of information about your product. Craigslist ads that are simple can be used to create a call-to-action. Link to your sales page to find out more.

5.) 1.) Register for Craigslist

A Craigslist Account makes it easy to manage all your ad campaigns. This step is not used by many marketers. Posting is one of the major benefits to having an account. If your ad is flagged, you can go back into your account and repost it within 48 hours. You have to start again if you don’t already have an account.

6.) 6.) Relevance is the Key

Don’t miscategorize your Craigslist ad to spam it. This will not work and readers will flag you. Remember, you’re dealing with a community. You should be part of that community and adhere to the rules.

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