Why is a website important for your church?

96% use computers at church, while many pastors also use technology to deliver sermons. However, very few churches have a web site. This can be problematic as millions of people search the Internet for the websites of their worship places every day – helpful resources.

These are reasons you should start working on church websites if you haven’t.

1. A website helps keep your congregation engaged and active.

More than 60% of churchgoers feel that a church website is essential to their participation (CRCNA.org).

Include valuable information on the church website. This includes community bulletins. event calendars. volunteer sign up forms. blog posts. podcasts. recorded sermons. social media links.

2. A website is a central place for current event calendars, service program bulletins and other information.

Instead of printing out calendars, program information, bulletins, and mailing them out every other month, or every few, you can upload them to your website and share them.

This will allow you to save money and reduce your paper trail. You can also easily update program and calendar information on your website in the last minute, if there are any changes. You can also sign up online for events or programs, making it easier to organize and track.

3. Websites introduce your leadership and programs for the public.

Your church website should have a page with bios for all your pastors and copastors, youth pastors, and staff. Public will have access to information about the backgrounds and interests of your pastors before they can enter your church. You will provide specific information about the services and programs that you offer.

These details will make potential congregation members feel more at ease when they visit your church in-person.